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Azure Functions – Json: Self referencing loop detected for property


Whilst developing a Rest API using Azure functions I got the error below.

 Newtonsoft.Json: Self referencing loop detected for property 'task' with type 'System.Runtime.CompilerServices.AsyncTaskMethodBuilder`1+AsyncStateMachineBox`1[System.Collections.Generic.IEnumerable`1[Feature.Order.Domain.TravelCard.OrderedTravelCard],Feature.Order.Domain.TravelCard.OrderedTravelCardRepository+<Get>d__4]'. Path 'stateMachine.<>t__builder'

As we had created a lot of new models and called a number of external API’s, which had a bad habit of changing their models without notification. I assumed incorrectly that one of the swagger files for the API’s was not correct.

But after much investigation I could not detect any issue with the data returned from the external API’s and the models match correctly their definitions.

Eventually I found out what the issue was, can you see what is wrong with the following code?


See the image above that a Task<…> is returned from the OrderedTravelCardRepository.Get() function.

I had forgotten to await the asynchronous call of the function, see the fixed code below.

Simple when you know how, simply awful when you don’t!

I hope this blog post helps others avoid the time I wasted on this issue.

Swagger – An item with the same key has already been added. Key: 400

We had a solution that used azure functions provide a rest API, to help reduce the load on the sitecore content delivery servers.

We used AzureExtensions.Swashbuckle  which makes it so easy to add swagger documentation to Azure functions.


Suddenly the swagger UI no longer worked and we got the An item with the same key has already been added. Key: 400 ” exception.

After going through all the commits, one by one I could not see how the code changes could introduce this error?


Until I noticed that there where 2 ProducesResponseType attributes with the same status code (i.e. 400).

It was soo obvious when I noticed it, but when I look at C# code for changes I guess I ignore comments and attributes.

Therefore I hope by drawing attention to my stupid mistake I can help others that experience this issue, Alan