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Sitecore Update xDB Contact


We had a solution where we had to process any contacts that changed their details in the past 24 hours, for example changed their name, birthday, custom preferences, etc.

I expected I could get a list of all updated contacts (i.e. contacts where one of their facets had changed), but unfortunately, adding or updating facets does not change the contact’s Last Updated property?

According to the Sitecore support & documentation, this is not a bug, but the desired behavior?


The Contacts Last Updated property is updated, only if an identifier is added or removed.

The following code is a nasty work around that adds/removes an identifier; to force an update of the Last Updated property.

  private void TempWorkAroundToGetSitecoreToUpdateLastmodified(Contact contact, XConnectClient client)
      //when a contact facet is updated the contacts last modified is not updated?
      // see documentation WTF https://doc.sitecore.net/developers/xp/xconnect/xconnect-client-api/contacts/update-contacts.html

      // the only way to set the last modified for a contact, is to add or remove an identifier, so we have to toggle that
	    var identifierToRemove = contact.Identifiers.FirstOrDefault(x => x.Source == Constants.Source.FakeSource);
	    if (identifierToRemove != null)
	      client.RemoveContactIdentifier(contact, identifierToRemove);
	      client.AddContactIdentifier(contact, new ContactIdentifier(Constants.Source.FakeSource, contact.Id.HasValue ? contact.Id.ToString() : Guid.NewGuid().ToString(), ContactIdentifierType.Known));

Each time a contact was updated, we called this code, to ensure it is possible to get a list of all contacts that have changed, within a given time span.

Hope this helps and enjoy the summer, Alan